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Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) has already changed the workout game in Europe. Now that EMS has made its way to the U.S., Pulse Performance is leading the revolution.

The Pulse Performance Mission

Pulse Performance is disrupting the fitness industry and changing the way we think about working out.

Our mission is to unlock your potential through technology enhanced fitness programs that are quick, convenient and impactful.

We work to do this through quick, convenient and impactful technology-enhanced fitness programs including 3D scanning, EMS Sculpt, EMS training and Infrared Light Therapy. Be part of the movement by franchising with us and becoming a Pulse Partner.

Why Should You Join the Pulse Performance Franchise Family?

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Membership Model

Monthly memberships allow Pulse Partners to benefit from recurring monthly revenue.

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Multiple Revenue Streams

Multiple revenue streams from EMS training, EMS Sculpt, Infrared Light Therapy, Vitamins & Supplements and Retail.

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Emerging Industry

With EMS still in its infancy in the U.S., there is an unlimited opportunity for national growth, with Pulse poised to be the industry leader by 2023.

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Superior Support

Pulse Partners receive hands-on business coaching and personalized support from the Pulse Performance Corporate team with over 25+ years of franchise development experience.

The Pulse Performance Advantage

3D Body Composition

3D Body Composition

We use impressive high-tech scanning technology to give us a better understanding of your body composition and posture, allowing us to customize your training and get you optimal results in less time.

EMS Training machine

EMS Training

EMS technology sends impulses to muscles, helping them contract more times than a conventional workout will allow – without straining joints. This allows for clients to achieve a more effective workout with less impact and in less time.
EMS sculpt machine

EMS Sculpt

Using high-intensity electromagnetic energy, a single EMS Sculpt session causes thousands of muscle contractions, improving the tone and strength of your muscles.
Infrared light therapy machine

Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared Light Therapy works at the molecular level to help your health. It can help to stimulate skin regeneration, cellular health, tissue development and weight loss.
JD Busch

We believe in providing the opportunity for people to get fit on their own terms. It is our mission to empower our clients through providing customizable programs that drive results, allowing Americans to follow their path to success and leave their mark

JD Busch

Founder and Chief Energy Officer

Steps to Becoming a Pulse Partner

Step 1:

Complete the inquiry form – our team will review your application. Please share details about your background and any previous franchise experience.

Step 2:

Let’s talk – If you seem like a good Pulse Partner fit, we will contact you to discuss the opportunity. You will also have the opportunity to meet the executive team during our Pulse Team Day.

Step 3:

Review & get started – We will present you with our Franchise Disclosure document and Pulse Partner Franchise Agreement. This will include the initial investment breakdown and the complete training schedule.

Step 4:

Onboarding – Once your agreement is signed, we will begin the onboarding process to open your Pulse Performance Studio.

We’re Just Getting Started

Pulse Performance is currently seeking Pulse Partners nationwide. With its first studio in Austin, TX, Pulse Performance has Priority markets in Texas, Florida, Georgia and Arizona. Take advantage of this opportunity to bring an innovative lifestyle and wellness brand to your community.

Priority Markets

Future Development

Map of priority markets

Got What It Takes To Be a Pulse Partner?

Our ideal Pulse Partner candidates meet the following requirements:


Investment Range


Net Worth


Liquid Capital

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Get In on Our Growth

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