Vibration Plate Exercises and Training

THE POWER OF 30 minutes

DO Vibration Plates work?

Vibration plates function by causing your muscles to contract at a considerably faster pace than normal. When used in a workout, the benefits of exercise are enhanced. 

Your muscles typically contract and release once or twice per second, but the pulsations of a vibration plate deliver energy to your body, stimulating your muscles. This stimulation causes your muscles to contract and relax at a rate of up to 50 times in only one second.

Vibration PLate Exercises

The vibration plate machine works hard to make the body unstable. This imbalance necessitates reflexive, subconscious neuromuscular activity in both muscle and connective tissue in order to rebalance and stabilize yourself.

The plates are constantly moving in three directions at the same time: left to right, front to rear, and up and down. The vibration awakens your muscular reflexes, and during our workout courses, muscles contract repeatedly and forcefully throughout a workout boosted with a vibration plate exercise equipment.

Benefits of Vibration Plates

Vibration training is more than just physical exercise; it is a path to greater health. Using the vibration plate machine in your workout leads to stronger bodies, stronger bones, glowing skin, and improved sleep.

At Pulse Performance, we use vibration technology to invigorate your cells, enhance circulation, drain the lymphatic system, decrease inflammation, and speed up your recovery time.

The body’s reaction to vibration raises serotonin and HGH while decreasing cortisol, leaving you feeling energized and living more fully. We think that vibration may promote whole-body wellbeing.

vibration plate equipment



With EMS fitness technology, you only need one 20-minute session a week paired with a 10 minute stretch, to target all muscle groups and achieve the results from a 2-hour conventional weight training program using gym equipment.

Major Muscle

Fitness experts focus on six major muscle groups in the body, including your chest, back, arms, abdominals, legs, and shoulders. With the EMS suit and guided workout session with our Pulse Trainers, you are targeting all six groups at once.

2- 0

The electrodes in the EMS suit send electrical pulses every 2-3 seconds. EMS targets the central nervous system to speed up your muscle contraction and enhance your overall fitness performance, with increased strength, endurance, recovery.

Get Back to your Best Self


Our EMS sessions are safe for all fitness journeys. Whether you are just starting or a professional athlete, the training session is low impact and easy on the joints. If you have suffered from an injury or deal with chronic pain, EMS is still proven safe and beneficial for rehab workouts and workouts for seniors.

Minimal Time

An EMS session at Pulse Performance is once a week for just 30-minutes and includes pre-and post-session stretching. Then, based on your goals, our Pulse Trainer will work with you during a personalized session to get 10x results with more benefits and increased recovery time.


With EMS technology workouts, you will notice that your posture improves over time. This is because, during each session, the electrical pulses strengthen your whole body, including your core and back that helps your posture.