Pulse Performance Debuting First Location in Austin

Revolutionary Fitness Concept Offers 10x the Results in 20 Minutes with an EMS Workout

AUSTIN, Texas (Oct. 25, 2021)In the ever-evolving world of modern fitness and training concepts, one new fitness franchise aims to revolutionize the industry through Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS).

Pulse Performance, the cutting-edge fitness franchise introducing technology-enhanced fitness programs paired with EMS to achieve full-body workouts, is opening its first location in Austin at 4301 W. William Cannon Dr. on Nov. 15.

All Pulse Performance sessions offer a holistic approach to health that includes a Body Composition Analysis, EMS, Nutrition Planning, Infrared Fat Loss, Infrared Light Therapy and Pre- and Post-Workout Stretching. Activating all muscles without weights, gym equipment, or a lengthy time commitment, the EMS suit, when paired with low-strain short workouts, burns calories and builds lean muscle mass.

Pulse Performance’s EMS suit and guided workout sessions with Certified EMS Specialists target all six major muscle groups at once and offer a two-hour workout in one 20-minute session. Personalized workout sessions are designed to enhance the overall fitness performance of members with increased strength, endurance, and recovery in a fraction of the time.

“It is Pulse Performance’s mission to provide our community with the benefits of electronic muscle stimulation therapy through streamlined fitness studio classes,” said Pulse Performance Founder and CEO JD Busch. “We are happy to offer a comprehensive, full-body workout in one 20-minute session.”

Pulse Performance offers one-on-one personal training and small group training of two people per trainer. The 20-minute, full-body workout emphasizes one low-impact movement per minute to build lean muscle mass and keeps members on optimal tracks in their fitness journeys.

Pulse Performance was founded in 2021 by entrepreneur JD Busch. After a serious injury in 2020 left his body in need of physical recovery and rehabilitation, Busch researched different techniques and stumbled upon the concept of EMS. This unique, tech-driven solution was exactly what Busch was looking for. After multiple sessions, the entrepreneur made major strides in his recovery and experienced a drastic reduction in chronic pain. With his injury behind him, Busch looks to share the benefits he experienced from EMS training with everyone through Pulse Performance’s 20-minute tech-driven fitness solution.

For more information on Pulse Performance in Austin, please visit www.PulsePerformanceStudio.com/austin-tx or call (512) 596-5225. For franchising opportunities, please visit www.PulsePerformanceStudio.com/.

About Pulse Performance

Founded in 2021 by entrepreneur JD Busch, Pulse Performance is a national fitness concept designed to offer the benefits of Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) through streamlined studio sessions. For more information on Pulse Performance, or to learn more about franchising opportunities, please visit www.PulsePerformanceStudio.com/franchise/.