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Holistic Personal Training

A 3D body composition test is the ideal way to track your progress with Pulse Performance. Starting with a clear picture of where you are will define the path to help you reach your fitness goals.

The EMS suit targets all muscles and gives your body over 150 times more muscle contractions than a conventional personal training workout — without weights or gym equipment — helping you to burn fat 10 times faster.


Fueling your body is just as important as the workout. Building lean muscle mass requires consistency and the proper nutrients. No matter your goal, our Pulse Trainers provide a comprehensive nutritional plan so you can eat healthy and get healthy.

During exercise, your body burns fat for energy while also giving energy to growing muscles. Pulse personal trainers incorporate infrared energy and heat throughout your personalized workout session to accelerate that fat burning process. If your goal is to lose weight and inches, adding infrared program will help you achieve results 10x faster.

Take your workout to the next level. The Vibration Plate machine delivers vertical vibrations that relieve muscle tension and joint pain, helping you tackle any fitness routine confidently. The vibrations also help activate your muscles’ reflexes while increasing blood flow, serotonin levels, muscle tone, balance, and coordination.

Shape your body with the power of non-invasive electromagnetic energy. EMSlim puts the power to lose weight, gain muscle, or do both in your hands. This leading-edge technology is designed to deliver 20,000 contractions in just one 30-minute session. That’s over 22 standard workouts packed into half an hour! Get toned, build muscle, and kick stubborn fat to the curb—without the time sink or the effort.


Move and stretch to strengthen your recovery process. Our EMS fitness sessions end with stretching as a cool down to increase your flexibility, improve blood circulation, and help with pain prevention. Pulse personal trainers infuse yoga techniques that focus on improving your posture and relieving tension in your back.

What is EMS?


Our team is passionate about helping you achieve the Pulse standard and feel your best. With over 20 years combined in fitness and customer service, we look forward to providing you with personal training tools and space to achieve your goals.

JD Busch

Chief ENERGY Officer

“Leave Your Mark” is a saying that JD Busch adopted early on in his career. It not only spoke to his passion for continually evolving but also inspire others to follow their path to success. Over the years, he has learned that the power of controlling one’s attitude towards life is truly the most significant and impactful way to reach one’s goals. His relentless drive has brought him the success to build a business from the ground up in the development of many franchise brands.

JD was involved in an accident in 2020. As a hard-working entrepreneur, JD already knew there are no shortcuts in life, especially his recovery. After reading and researching different methods of rehabilitation and training, JD came across Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). Widely known across Europe, this unique tech-driven fitness solution seemed to be exactly what JD was looking for. After multiple sessions, JD made major strides in his recovery and a drastic reduction in chronic pain. His muscles were reactivated and strong; his traumatic accident was now in the rearview mirror.

In 2021, JD started Pulse Performance, a 30-minute tech-driven fitness solution. EMS fitness and rehab workouts transformed JD’s life for the better, a place he thought he may never be after his accident.

Known for taking things up a notch, JD integrated specific aspects to the Pulse Performance workout including stellar customer service, complementary BMI screenings, stretching programs, infrared fat loss, and a nutrition plan, all personalized for the clientele.


We’re always looking for motivated people passionate about helping others feel great. If you’re interested in joining a company revolutionizing fitness, keep an eye on the form below. We will be adding job postings soon and would love to connect.