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The Secret Behind Our Streamlined Workout

Backed by science and used by Olympians and other world-class athletes, Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is helping people of all fitness levels reach their potential. Don’t let your busy schedule get in the way of becoming a healthier version of you.

Suit up

Put on our revolutionary, electrode-loaded vest that works all your muscles for a streamlined full-body workout.

Power up

Electrical impulses contract your muscles, offering the equivalent of a 2-hour workout in a fraction of the time.

Team up

A certified EMS trainer guides you through the simple movements while regulating the suit’s frequency to fit your ability.

I’m building muscle & adding strength — it’s ideal for cross-training.

Kenny H.

Pulse Performance member

More fit in 20 minutes!

Experience a full-body workout that leaves no muscle ignored. You’ll find yourself with a body that’s stronger, more toned and more defined. A more confident and fitter version of you is just a few 20-minute sessions away.

An intense workout that leaves you feeling fresh (not exhausted)

While a gym session only works about half your muscles, Pulse’s EMS sessions work up to 90% in less time. It’s a workout so complete, you only have to do it once every 5 days or so to see results. With EMS, you can get more fit with fewer workouts.

Work & family leave little time for exercise. This keeps me in my best shape.

Laura K.

Pulse Performance member

Pulse is for Everybody, Including You

As a low-impact fitness option, an EMS workout is right for every ability and fitness level.


Work, parenting and life in general can get in the way of exercise. With a short, efficient 20-minute program, you can fit a high-quality and scientifically-backed workout into your on-the-go lifestyle with ease.

Baby boomers

Keep up with grandkids and continue doing the things you love with a low-impact workout that rebuilds muscles, burns calories and reduces body fat to help fight off issues like obesity and sarcopenia.

Weekend warriors

Studies show that 3-6 weeks of EMS can increase strength, stamina, power and jumping. Pulse can help you gain that competitive edge on the golf course, on the pickleball or tennis court, or on the road running and cycling.

Fitness enthusiasts

Complement your intense gym sessions with a robust cross-training workout that has a lower risk of injury and challenges your muscles in new ways. Reach your full fitness potential by integrating an EMS session just once into your weekly workouts.

I can keep up my fitness while still spending time with my kids. It’s perfect!

Paula C.

Pulse Performance member

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