Pulse Performance is an Innovative Fitness Franchise

Source: Franchise Times Author Matthew Liedke May 26, 2022 

Pulse Performance Owner JD Busch

The concept: A tremendous hardship led JD Busch to start Pulse Performance. About two years ago he broke his neck and was fully paralyzed, eventually relearning to use the right side of his body with the help of electronic muscle stimulation, or EMS, therapy. But that wasn’t his first exposure to EMS. Busch was visiting Europe before his neck injury and learned about full-body suits that utilize EMS as part of fitness. “The suits could be set at different frequencies, depending on how a user wanted to stimulate their muscles,” Busch said, with one frequency for building lean muscle and another for blood circulation. Pulse uses EMS technology in combination with low-impact workouts.

The stats: Busch launched Pulse Performance in 2021 and has two locations open, in San Antonio and Austin. He’s focusing early development efforts on Texas and Florida. The cost to open a Pulse ranges from $300,000 to $350,000.

The competition: EMS training is a newer modality in the United States but other franchises are already popping up. Body Time and Body Street both started in Europe and are expanding in the U.S., each with one domestic location.

The challenge: Education is the main challenge, said Busch. Since opening Pulse, he said the company has worked to help people learn what EMS is and describe how it works in relation to fitness.

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