Body Countouring with
EMS Sculpt

THE POWER OF 30 minutes


EMS Sculpt is a targeted electromagnetic energy therapy with high intensity used for body sculpting.

This cutting-edge non-invasive body sculpting device burns fat while also building muscle.

The concentrated electromagnetic field may permeate through all layers of skin and fat to activate all four layers of muscle contraction.


Muscle growth can be achieved by the use of high-intensity electromagnetic treatment (HIEMT). The EMS Sculpt treatment has been approved by the FDA to treat your abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves, and thighs.

Using EMS Sculpt along with our Pulse Performance workout can help to collapse fat cells while also growing muscle fibers for more defined belly contouring and/or a rounder behind.

EMSculpt Treatment

By applying innovative EMS Sculpt for body contouring operations, we may strengthen and re-educate the muscles via the interaction of the magnetic field within your tissue without putting any strain on the bones.

In contrast to voluntary muscular contractions, supramaximal contractions are independent of brain activity. Our technology employs a particular frequency range that does not enable the muscle to rest between contractions.

For many seconds, the muscle is pushed to stay contracted. When subjected to these high load circumstances on a regular basis, the muscle tissue is strained and pushed to adapt. 

The advantages are that the muscle is strengthened without putting strain on the joints or the skeletal system. In most cases, customers report that their core is stronger after only one session.



With EMS fitness technology, you only need one 20-minute session a week paired with a 10 minute stretch, to target all muscle groups and achieve the results from a 2-hour conventional weight training program using gym equipment.

Major Muscle

Fitness experts focus on six major muscle groups in the body, including your chest, back, arms, abdominals, legs, and shoulders. With the EMS suit and guided workout session with our Pulse Trainers, you are targeting all six groups at once.

2- 0

The electrodes in the EMS suit send electrical pulses every 2-3 seconds. EMS targets the central nervous system to speed up your muscle contraction and enhance your overall fitness performance, with increased strength, endurance, recovery.

Get Back to your Best Self


Our EMS sessions are safe for all fitness journeys. Whether you are just starting or a professional athlete, the training session is low impact and easy on the joints. If you have suffered from an injury or deal with chronic pain, EMS is still proven safe and beneficial for rehab workouts and workouts for seniors.

Minimal Time

An EMS session at Pulse Performance is once a week for just 30-minutes and includes pre-and post-session stretching. Then, based on your goals, our Pulse Trainer will work with you during a personalized session to get 10x results with more benefits and increased recovery time.


With EMS technology workouts, you will notice that your posture improves over time. This is because, during each session, the electrical pulses strengthen your whole body, including your core and back that helps your posture.